Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All the Best for 2011


As we enter a new year, it is common to think about our goals that we wish to fulfill. I would like to start this year with a blog of my goals this year.

Last year, I spent most of my time as a vendor at the Farmer's Markets and craft shows. It was a really great learning experience. The first day at Alberta Avenue Farmer's Market was indoor/ outdoor. I had decided that it would be Best to set up outdoors. There I was with my canopy tent and two tables of photography prints. I thought that it would also be Best to design my space with light decorations. I thought it looked good for my very first day and then it got Windy...need I say more? So, from that I learned that I didn't need all those decorations to stand out. Simplicity is Best.

January - The 1st. market starts for myself, Saturday January 15th @ Capilano Mall 9am-5pm.
I can not say that I will be there all year but for now I am committed to Capilano for the duration of the winter.

This year I will try the Edmonton Downtown Outdoor market one Saturday a month. There is a New Farmer's Market that I would like to attend on Wednesdays.
Alberta Beach on Thursdays and I will try the Calgary Farmer's Market. My goal is to keep blogging about what I'm up to!

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